Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Though this is simple and common curry, everyone knows. I have no option to post new one since my hubby has taken our digi cam with him to Canada. I could not take photos of my latest preparations as well having the typical Indian gal’s mentality, no mood n mind to prepare new dish in absence of hubby dear. Aeh?!...

This is my daughter’s favo curry. She will have this with white rice as curry sadham or side dish for rasam sadham. My mom prepares this curry spicy and crispy which tastes heaven. Here is recipe…

Gram dhal 3 tsp
Urid dhal 2 tsp
Dried red chilli 5 to 6
Hing a pinch
Coriander seeds (dhania) 2 tsp
In a little oil fry all above said ingredients, cool them and then make a coarse powder by grinding them in mixer. (First grind the chilly to nice powder then add all others.)


Brinjal 6 to 8
Salt to taste
Oil to saute
Turmeric a pinch


Wash the brinjal and cut in to thin length wise pieces. Take a pan, add oil pop up mustards and hing. Add brinjal sauté them in medium flame for few mts. Add turmeric, salt and cook them until it become soft. Add the curry powder, fry them for few mts.

This iron rich curry goes very well with all rice (sambar/rasam/curd/ plain rice).