Saturday, April 18, 2009


Adai in any form we love to have. I already posted the recipe of vegetable adai. Click here for the recipe. Now this time I prepared with curry leaves. Curry leaves has lots of medicinal values and most of us jus using it for flavor and garnishing the dish, at the time of eating the stuff we jus throw it beside our plates instead of consuming. This is wat we do in our routine right even from kids to elders.

My daughter is fond of long hair. She won’t allow me to even trim her hair at least once in six months. She needs long, thick hair like Barbie Rapunzel . I got a trick to make her eat the curry leaves; saying that the amount u consume the curry leaves the long u ll get thick hair. Mostly I used to grind them and add into my dishes. Finally jus touch up with few leaves for garnishing.

This time we had them with Adai.

Raw rice 2 cups
Toor dhal 1 cup
Chenna dal ½ cup
Urid dhal ¼ cup
Dried red chilli 10
Salt to taste
Hing a pinch
Ginger 1 inch piece
Curry leaves a hand full.
Coconut oil for sprinkle
Wash and soak all dhals and rice together for 2 to 3 hrs.
Grind them to batter adding chilli, ginger, curry leaves, salt and hing.
If u want u can add chopped onions to this batter.
Make thin adai in dosa griddle, sprinkle with coconut oil in and around the adai. Make 4 to 5 holes on the top of adai with the dosa ladle to make the adai more crispier.

Goes well with any chutney/Jaggery/avial/butter
This Adai happily running to the Event 15 minute cooking @Spices etc hosted by my dear friend Mahimaa of Mahimaa's kitchen.
Priya Sriram passed me this sweet lovely award to me. I m so honored and feel so soo happy to get this from her.

I would like to pass this Award to Divya Vikram, Mahimaa's kitchen, Madhumathi, Ramya Vijaykumar, Lavanya,Varsha Vipins, sriharivatsan, rekhas kitchen, ARUNA,RAKS KITCHEN and Kitchen Flavours.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


This is the one neither our favorite nor dislikes. Once I had in hotel and then I got attracted towards it. I got the recipe from friends’ long time back, but unfortunately have no paniyaram pan to experiment it. I utilized the chance when we went for shopping to buy return gift articles for my sil son’s poonal function. The moment I saw the paniyaram pan, I ran and grabbed it and handed over in the bill section. Hurray! At last I too have the pan and the next day I prepared the paniyaram. Oops…. But as it was my first time I could not get the perfect shape and nice color. Though I did not lose my heart and with confident I tried 2, 3 times within a week itself and at last I got perfect balls out of it... Cho Chweet and thanks to my hubby dear and darling kids who were patiently tolerated all my experiments with my paniyarams and tasted thrice within a week without saying anything as a testing rats.

Here the recipe of my bouncing balls

Raw rice 1 cup
Boiled Rice 1 cup
Urid dhal ¼ cup
Grated vegetables 2 cups(carrot, onion, cabbage, green chilli)
Salt to taste
Curry leaves few
Mustard, Urid dhal, Chenna dhal and oil for tampering.

Soak rices and dhals for 4 hrs and grind it to dosa batter.
Add grated vegetables along with 2 tsp of grated coconut and tamper with the tampering items and pour into the batter.
Mix well. Heat the paniyaram pan. Pour the batter in each kuzhi. Cook it in medium flame and after few mts turn the balls with the stick. Let it cook for few more mts.
Serve hot with any chutney. Goes will with red chutney.

Hope u all have enjoyed my story as well the browny balls.
And this balls bouncing to the Event of 15 minute cooking @Spices etc hosted Mahimaa of Mahimaa's kitchen.