Sunday, November 30, 2008


Suddenly my Husband's friends family came to our house. They have come in evening and my husband intimated me half an hour before they reached. I was little bit tensed what to make for them as a snacks... Only these baby corns are resting in my fridge. Then I decided to prepare manjurian instead of using cauliflower I used baby corns. First time I tried this recipe, It came out very well and tasty. They enjoyed it too...... This manjurian with hot cuppa filter coffee...... Hm... really too goooood.


Baby corns 10
All purpose flour/maida 1/2cup
Besan/kadalai mavu 2 tsp
Chilli powder 3 tsp
Onion 2
Tomato 2
Salt to taste
Oil to fry
Green chilli sauce 2 tsp
Soya sauce 2 tsp
Tomato ketchup 1 tsp
Ani seeds/ sombu 1 tsp


Cut the baby corns in to small thin pieces. Mix both flours, chilli powder and salt with water to a thin batter. The batter should not too thick as well as too think. If it is thick like idly batter fritters will come like Bajji. It it is too thin it can’t be stick with corns. Be careful while making the batter. It should be in right consistency.
Dip each corn in to that batter and deep fry it. Keep it aside.
In a pan tamper aniseed and add onions tomatoes one by one. Saute it.
Add turmeric, all the sauces and little salt. Stir it till all turn to golden brown and raw odor goes off.
Now add the corn fritters. Mix it well as all the essence of the masala should get mixed with the fritters.
Garnish with coriander leaves, spring onions /finely chopped onions. Serve hot and enjoy the taste….
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Saturday, November 29, 2008


These are my daughter Lakshana’s craft work, done 2 years back when she was 5. I put her in Art and Craft class in summer vacation. Otherwise I could not handle her all time free at home. There She was so fascinatingly made so many things. Some of them are here. She made two more wall hangings and gifted to my parents, her chittapa and another one kaput by her li’l demon brother.
Even though the finishing is not so perfect, I appreciate her interest and passion of Hand Works.

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Thursday, November 27, 2008


I was thinking to send some of my post to srivalli's Rice mela and sent only one. I had a doubt whether to send only new post or I can send even older. Jus i saw Vibaas blog, in that she made it easy to send her older post also to the Mela. As a friend hope she never mind of following her idea in this. Do YOu vidya.... Thanks a lot to her..... So I m sending these recipes to Rice Mela






For recipes pls click the link.....

seniding to another Event

Sudeshna's Harvest -the festival of rice Event.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008




Senai kilangu/suran/ elephant yam ½ kg
Chilli powder 2 to 3 tsp
Turmeric a pinch
Salt to taste
Garam masala ½ tsp
Oil to fry


Peal the hard skin of yam and cut it to thin cubes. Wash thoroughly and drain the water fully.
Micro wave high for 3 to 4 mts or par boil it for few mts.
Take a dosa tawa and place as many as u can on it.
Sprinkle oil on and around the cubes. Fry till it turn golden brown and repeat the same for other side of the cube.
Mix turmeric, chili powder, salt and masala to a bowl. Add the roasted cubes. Toss them, all the spicy powder should mix with that roasted cubes.
In a pan pour little oil to tamper the mustard. add hing and the cubes. Mix well and cook in very low flame for few mts.
Keep stirring now and then.
Now u can have roasty tasty spicy cubes along with any rice.

We love to have this with curd rice. The spicy roast of yam accompanies curd rice very well.
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This one I ll make in pineapple season and everyone love this. Easy to make, different taste and very similar to MYSORE RASAM .

Tamarind small lemon size
Pine Apple juice 4 tsp.
Red chili 3Green chilli 1
Red gram 1/4 cup and 2 tsp
fenugreek 6 to 8 seeds
Coriander seed 1/4 tsp
Black pepper 1 tsp
Cumin seeds 1 tsp
Rasam powder 2 tsp
Turmeric powder pinch
Hing pinch
salt to taste

Boil 1/4 cup of Red grams keep it aside.
Add tamarind extract in a cup of water.
Cut green chilli (length wise) and add into that water.
Add salt, rasam powder, turmeric powder and hing in to that.
Boil the content for 3 mts.
Grind 2 tsp of Red gram, pepper, cumin, and red chilli to a paste.
Add the ground mixture in to rasam allow to boil till the raw smell goes.
Add boiled dal/dal water (paruppu thanni) and Pine apple juice. Let it be boil for some more mts.
Tamper with mustard seeds in ghee and garnish with curry and coriander leaves.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


This is my hubby's favorite dosa. I learnt it from my elder sil. She makes this whenever we visit their place in Coimbatore. At least twice or thrice in a month i used to make it for my husband.

Boiled Rice/Idli Rice- 2 cups
Raw Rice/cooking rice-1/2 cup
Toor Dal/Red gram - 1 cup
Tomatoes - 6 or 1/2 kg
Green chillies - 3 to 5
Redchilli - 10
Ginger 1/2 inch
Asafoetida/Hing/Perungayam 1 pinch
Salt to taste
Curry leaves few

Soak rice and dals for 3 to 5 hrs.
First Grind tomatoes, green and red chillies, make a puree of it. Keep aside.
Then grind soaked rice and dals together to a nice batter. At the last grinding stage add this puree and salt.
Grind for few mts, so that everything should mix well.
Add hing and curry leaves. Mix well.
Keep this batter for at least an hour and now the batter is ready to make delish red dosas....
It tastes well with onion chutney/coconut chutney/milagai podi....

Monday, November 17, 2008


Priya, Shama Nagarajan,Yasmeen and vidhas passed me this Foodie Award with a tag. Come lets enjoy the hotness in this cool climate.

Its not so easy to say 7 things on each heading that too about me on my own Ah!!!... Jus I was in confusion what to say and what to leave..... Finally my finger danced on keyboard to give this write up...... hope u ll enjoy reading it and waiting from this moment to catch yr comments dears... C How greedy I am?!?....

7 Things I say more often

My Goodness

Hey loooosu…(almost to all my dears and nears. This is my loving
Words?!... towards them)

Ooops( on seeing the mess created by kids)

Cho Chweet (on getting kisses from my kids)

Make it fast (while feeding food to both li’l devils, troubling more to
have food all the time)

Kannama… more stress to the word(when my daughter is
not obeying my words)

Ennanga…..(Read by giving some rhythm. Adding li’l n hiding more stress when my husband not listening to my word?!.... Ha! Ha!..)

7 things I did before


Going for a job

Taking tuitions at home after work hrs.

Writing lots of small verse in Tamil and stories?!...

Making excellent collections of melody songs in Tamil and Hindi

Discussing and chatting a loads with my friends

Fighting with my younger sister (too funny..)

Reading Novels and books

7 Things I am doing now

Started taking tuitions

Doing poojas regularly

Blogging & Waiting from the moment I publish the post for the lovely comments from my dear friends.

Cleaning the house n kid’s things.

Chatting over the phone

Reading Novels and books

Filing N maintaining documents for my hubby

7 Things I want to do

Put Effort to attain my fitness.

Want to control my tongue (loose talks.)

Learn technical side of computer (so that I can improve my blog right. He… He… He…)

Want to give a delicious feast for my parents.(I feel guilty, so far I m only enjoying from them)
Go somewhere with my darling…

Own our dream house

To direct my kids in a right way n to follow our Indian culture.

7 things that attract about the opposite sex ( who else – all about my Dear Husband)

Meticulous and mannish

Compassionate and leading quality

Very Sharp and having thirst of learning new things.Having strong self-possession

Stubborn on achieving his goal

Strong determination, even at the critical situations.

Great affection towards his bloods.

7 Favourite Food

Chocolates and Ice creams

My mom’s vathak kulambu, paruppu thuvayal.

BasunthiGobi Manjurian

Cashew pulao with paneer butter masalaCashew Kathli

Oma podi and onion pakoda

I would like pass this award with the tag to my dears....

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Sunday, November 16, 2008


Hureh... Here goes an Award Mela for me. I really feel so excited on seeing the messages from my friends those who have passed these award to me. I am happy to note, the moment they keyed my name i might have crossed their memories.... This gave me much pleasure indeed other than anything else.

n33ma and Priya given the hot cuppa for me in this perfect chill weather...

Again Priya and Shama Nagarajan passed my favorite cup cake for the snack time Hm hm....really this so yum yum....
So tired after the whole day Hard work yar, here my friend n33ma refreshing me with her lemony lemon award....

Ha! now I feel fresh and cool, regained my energy to join my hands with my friends
Yasmeen, Gita's Kitchen , Priya and n33ma

Especially vidhas honored me this award for my stories keyed in each of my post. .
My dear friends Gita's Kitchen, Priya and n33ma thinks that I am a....

All your Awards are my treasure and I m honored my dear friends. Thank u so much.
My joy makes me no bounce.
I would like to share this bliss with Kitchen Flavours,
Viki Xavier.
Congrats all of u. I Know everyone got these awards but it gives me pleasure when I share these with u.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


This is our traditional, famous and tasty dish. Usually I prepared this during festive times like AvaniAvitam (Poonal funtion), Chitra pournami (Full moon day comes on April month) or Tamil New Year's day along with other variety rice.

My mom prepare this very tasty and we fond of her recipe. This is my mom signature one. She used to prepare the gravy a lot especially for me and give me in a big bottle. Still I can recollect the story and i wondered how mad i was that time for this. let me share the story first....

That time my little one was in my stomach (9 th month running). when i went for Doctor's checkup she has given me only 3 days time as i had some complication so i has to undergone Cesarean operation to give birth to my baby. Now what do u think sure i got tensed and sacred about the delivery right.... Let me come to the climax

I was asking my mom for a month to prepare puliodharai and avial combo. with some or other reason she could not prepare that. I rushed up to home and imdtly told my mom at any cost I need puliodharai and avial tomorrow. Before getting admitted in hospital i have to eat that. In that three days i had at the maximum of my favourite dishes from my mom's hand. I know u must me thinking that I am a sappatu Rami (Craze abt foods) No I am a very normal eater. Even now I wonder how and why and what made me to behave like that on that day.....

The grt thing
is my little one is now 3 yrs and he is also fond of this dish. Ha! Ha! Ha!
Here u go for the recipe don't want to bore u more.....

Dried Red chillies -(5 (broken)
Tamarind extract: 5 cups
Ground nuts: 3 tsp
Channa dal: 1 tsp
Mustard seeds: 1 tsp
Curry leaves: about 10
Cooking oil: 2 tsp
Sesame (Gingili oil): 1 tbsp
Yellu (til/sesame seeds): 1 tsp
Salt to taste

To Grind:
Dried Red chillies : 2
Channa dal: 2 tsp
Urid dal: 1 tsp
Pepper corn: 1 tsp
Sesame seeds - 1 tsp
Mustard seeds - 1 tsp
Coriander seeds 1 tsp

Pulikachal (the gravy)Step 1

Roast channa dal, urud dal, and pepper corns in 1 tsp cooking oil till both the dals turn golden brown.
Add 2 red chilies to this and fry it for about 15 seconds.
Grind all the roasted ingredients.

Step 2

Heat 1 tsp of cooking oil in a pan and add mustard seeds.Once the mustard seeds splutters, add ground nuts and 3 dried red chillies (broken into quarters or halves).
After roasting the ground nuts for few seconds, add the curry leaves, a pinch of hing tamarind water and salt.
Boil for about 15-20 minutes and then add the ground ingredients Continue boiling till the mixture thickens.
This will take about 5-10 minutes.Take the pan off the flame and add a little roasted yellu/sesame and mix well.
Let the pulikachal cool and then store it in air tight containers.
You can use this pulikaachal for long especially if you store it in the fridge. Pulikachal can be used like a pickle to go with roti, curd/yogurt-rice etc.


Add required quantity of pulikachal and 2 tsp of sesame oil to cooked rice and mix well. Mix carefully without mashing the rice. Your PULIODHARI IS READY…. AVIAL is the best combination of this rice.

Sending this to
Sudeshna's Harvest -the festival of rice Event.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


This day begins with great joy ‘coz…..Some of my blogger friends showered me with following awards and its giving energy and boosting up me to think more and to develop more.....

Kitchen Flavours showered me with this beautiful friendship award. I m honored and happy dear.

Sireesha has passed me this HARD WORKING FOOD BLOG AWARD, thanks dear.

And again Sireesha and Kitchen Flavours passed me All these Awards ............

G.Pavani and Viki Xavier also jointly showered me with this Inspiration Award.....

Thanks a lot my dear friends...considering me for these awards...I feel so happy and honored.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Its my favourite sweet and i go mad on seeing this. When ever i have a chance to get this I never mind about any decency, courtesy or my diet or calorie values. I sure will pick min 3 at a time. I hope u remembered the good story of my Badam Halwa during the Diwali time preparation. I made this time in a slightly different way to avoid the disaster again.

Almonds-1 cup
Cashew nuts – 1 cup
Sugar- 2 cups
Saffron-a few
Milk-1 cup
Ghee-1/2 cup
Cardamom-a pinch

Soak almonds and cashews in milk for 1 hr and peel the skin of almonds.Grind both with milk and saffron to a fine thick paste.
In a pan dissolve sugar and make one string stage and add the ground mixture. Keep on stirring continuously. Add little ghee now and then. continue stirring till the mixture becomes thick.
When it starts to leave the sides of the pan and become dough like consistency add remaining ghee and stir well.
Grease a plate with ghee, pour the mixture into it.
Let it Cool for some more minutes and cut into pieces.

Now the delicious mouthwatering, especially my favorite katli is ready….
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Friday, November 7, 2008


This is a surprisingly quick and easy dish to make. Its sure to tickle your taste buds and also healthy as it contains rich combo of vegetables. Its our family's favourite and accompanies well with ADAI (DAL DOSA), all variety rices like pulliodharai, coconut rice etc... Assemble all the ingredients before u start cooking. U can make this with any 3 to 5 combo of vegetables in the same method. My elder sil make sometimes only with Ash gourd naming it as Poosanikai avial. That also sounds good.

Ash gourd : 10 cubes
Suran / Senaikizhangu : 5 to 6
colocasia/Arvi/Seppangilangu 5 to 6
Carrot 2
Beans 10 to 15
Raw banana 1
Drumstick 2
Potato 2
Ladies finger 2 or 3
Beaten thick curd/yogurt 2 cups

To Grind
Grated fresh coconut 1 ½ cups
Green chilli 10
Cumin seeds 2 tsp

For Tampering
Coconut oil 4 tsp
Mustard seeds 1 tsp
Curry leaves 10
Hing a pinch.

Wash all vegetables and cut into equal cubes except ladies finger.
In a little oil fry the ladies finger till it done and add before mixing the ground paste and yogurt to the deal.
So that it will not be sticky.
Cook with half salt till it gets soften.
Grind coconut, chilli and cumin seeds coarsely.
Add in to cooked vegetables along with little more salt and turmeric.
When raw smells goes, add the beaten curd/yogurt to the veg mixture.
Stir gently. Vegetables should not get mashed.
Tamper the tampering items and pour to avial.
Tampering in Coconut oil will give nice aroma and extra taste to the avial..

If u want to use the avial for next day or after lunch to dinner. Divide it in two parts before adding the beaten curd/yogurt. At the time of serving u can add the curd and reheat for few mts. Careful it should not get curdled. Now u can feel as if it is freshly prepared one. Adding 10 white chenna with the vegetables will also make this more yummy....
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I would like to share my heartiest and happiest moments with all of u for this Award got from Shama Nagarajan of EASY2COOK RECIPES. Thanks shama for adding some more sugar to my cup. I m flying hoo hoo hooo.......

I am passing this Inspiration Award to anudivya, Kitchen Flavours, DEESHA, Priya , Sagari, Vij, Curry Leaf,Yasmeen, Mahimaa's kitchen,Vidhya ,Delectable Vegetarian Recipes and vidhas.

Congrats all of u and enjoy the Award. Its my pleasure to pass this to u even though many of u got already. Thanks for picking up and honoured my friendship.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Wow Again getting an Award within short period. God I cant believe it.
After this peanut vaaram, I can spell this as Award Maadham (Award Month).Mahima honoured my blog first with her Beautiful Butterfly Award and still i am getting from my dear blogger friends one by one. The wonderful thing is all my Awards are Twins.....Yep!!! Each Award I got two times. I hope u don mind for the word i mentioned it as Twin Awards here.
This time this Award passed on by Vij of "A FoOdiE N hEr CoOkInG hAt". Thanks a lot dear on thinking of me for this cute and sweet Award.
Thank u all my fellow bloggers for yr visit, comments and encouraging words on my every post.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


To my sweet surprise VidyaBalaje of Delectable Vegetarian Recipes, honoured my blog with Good Job Award. Thanks Vidya for thinking of me. Since all my blogger friends got already this award and vidya also passed one more time to all of them, i m thinking to honour all my blogger friends and viewers in some other way.

Cant u wait for some more time my dears.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Sukanya of Sukanya's musings passed me this award and i have got this second time. Already Mahimaa's kitchen (Mahima) passed me this Award. Any how i m very happy to get this again from Sukanya. Thank u Sukanya for yr sweet thought on me to pass this Award.
I would like to pass this award to G.Pavani, Indranee, Usha, Priti, Happy cook, Gita's Kitchen, Cham and Uma.
Rules of this Award are
Put the logo on your blog.
Add a link to the person who awarded you.
Nominate 10 other blogs.


Oh ho...the second recipe using pea nuts in this week. Can we call it as pea nut weakAs an old advertisement says in Sun TV Pea nut vaaaaaaaram..... Hm?!... This was also a long pending in my draft.

This is our favorite! who refuse to eat crunchy potatoes. come lets enjoy the twisty treat.


Potatoes ½ kg
Butter 2 tsp
and turmeric
Fried Peanut powder(coarsely powdered) 4 to 5 tsp
Chilli powder 2 tsp
Garam masala pinch Garlic 2 to 3 pods minced


Boil and peel the potatoes cut into bite-size cubes.
Add melted butter to the pot and generously sprinkle with salt and turmeric. (Place the lid on the pot and shake vigorously).
The butter and salt should combine with the potato to create a light "mash" around each potato.
Heat heavy bottomed pan and tamper with usual tapering items.
Add minced garlic, saute and add potatoes. Mix well and slowly add chili powder, peanut powder garam masala one by one.
All the powder should get coated on potatoes and should get evenly mixed.
Roast the potatoes in low flame by stirring occasionally until it become brown and crunchy,
Enjoy the roast with morkulambu, VATHAK KULAMBU, PLAIN RASAM or sambar rice.

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Saturday, November 1, 2008


My husband asked me to do this long time back. Now only i got recipe from my mother and prepared for him. He loves all podi sadham ( ie. curry podi rice, coriander podi rice, coconut podi rice, paruppu podi rice, ellodhari etc.. etc..) Both of us liked this but not the kids.

u can store the pea nut powder in air tight container and use as and ven required. Here u go the recipe.......


Rice 2 cup
Black til (black ellu/sesame seeds) 1 tsp
Fried pea nuts 1 ¼ cup
Red chilli 8
Dried coconut grated ¼ cup
Turmeric ½ tsp
Salt to taste
Oil 2 tsp

For tampering

Mustard ½ tsp
Urid dal ½ tsp
Bengal gram 1 tsp
Curry leaves 10


Boil rice in adequate water so that it is not sticky allow to cool.
Grind the fried pea nuts coarsely.
Fry the redchilli and dried coconut to golden brown.
Fry the til (sesame seeds) in a dry pan and grind along with redchilli and coconut to finely powder.
Tamper all the ingredients given under tampering column to golden brown and add all the powdered ingredients to that including salt and turmeric.
Add rice and mix well and serve with pappad /vadam/ chips

This entry goes to Rice Mela hosted by Srivalli.

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