Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Adorable Kids

From the bottom of Universe, we are blessed with ever
loving precious babies Elder One Lakshna and Younger
Adhvith Athreya.

Lakshna a cute and intelligent girl having wonderful good imagination, draws beautifully on simple observation. At the age of 6 she sings devotional songs nicely. She has good efficiency in bilangual communication. She has good creativity. She creates her own reputation where ever her presence is. She has good leadership quality. She has good listening capability and has good nurturing capacities.

Adhvith Athreya a smart and intelligent boy. A little bundle of energy, adhvith believes in being a part of all the activities, his confidence levels are always on the high and his communication is marked by a great clarity of thought. A very loving child.


daughter name said...

Your kids are so cute like me

siland bil said...

your kids are so cute

sriharivatsan said...

Star Family!!!!

sriharivatsan said...

Star Family!!!

SriLekha said...

both are cute and intelligent kiddo!

Adlak's tiny world said...

Thanks sri for yr nice words on my kids.