Saturday, September 13, 2008


Bread slices – 4
Ghee to toast
Cooked noodles – one cup
Tomato ketchup or jam -


Toast the bread slices in a tawa.
Spread the noodles on the bread slices as toppings.
Add the ketchup or jam on the centre top of that.

It looks so nice and very easy to prepare if u have left over cooked noodles.
I suddenly had this thought when I have nothing in my hand to give evening snacks for my kids but for the bread and cooked noodles. It’s very boring to have always a plain toast. They denied to have plain toast that day. So I thought of

giving them the usual one in a different manner. Believe me they enjoyed this very much.

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Blue said...

u r so creative!!! i just saw ur blog, and looks like u have so many wonderful ideas..