Thursday, September 4, 2008



· Raw rice 2 cups
· Redgram 1 cup
· Bengal gram ½ cup
· Urid dal ¼ cup
· Chenna 10 to 15
· Red chilli 10
· Green chilli 2
· Hing Pinch
· Salt to taste
· Finely chopped onion, grated carrot,beet
root, potato cabbage 1 cup
· Curry leaves little


· Wash and soak the rice and the dals for about 4 hours.

· Drain and grind the rice and dal to a coarse batter.

· Add and grind the green chillies, curry leaves with red chillies and salt in last round of


· Rest the batter for about an hour..

· Mix the grated vegetables to this batter and mix well. Check for salt and keep aside.

· Heat a heavy dosa griddle, smear oil and spread one ladle full of this batter to a thick

circular shape. Make a few holes in the center. Pour oil on the sides and in the center and

cook over low heat.

· Turnover and pour the oil and let it cook till it is crisp all around and golden brown in color.

. It goes well with any varieties of chutney particularly with AVIAL jaggery and butter will make this so yummy.

Usually i ll use all dals except chenna and ll add vegetables like carrot, onion, potatoes but not beet root as it change in to red color. But my sister in law Vidhya gave me the tips to add chenna dal and grated beet root. It ll add more taste and colourful too. Now i never forget to add the both to my adai. Thanks to vidhya.


jeyashrisuresh said...

hi The receipe for adai is good.Ucan add a little ginger while grinding and it helps in digestion.What is diff bet channa dal and bengal gram.I think both r kadalai parrupu.
I used to add little bit of black urad dal and little samba rava. Adai will be crispy. My mom told me this
I added beetroot and everybody liked that.Thanks hema

Adlak's tiny world said...

Thanks for your tips jayasri.I ll try this next time.

Sriram said...


Whenever i saw some receipe, i really happy how you love your cooking and your husband and kids are very lucky. Keep it up at all times.


hema said...

sure u can also enjoy (!?) it during yr visit here sri. I trust u ll defntly enjoy the stuffs as u shows good interest on tasty food.

jayanthi said...

Hi hems

tasty recepe, your husban's favourite food, tasty tasty double oho to your sisster in law vidya, say hai to vidya

sriharivatsan said...

thanks manni for giving the credit to me

Kitchen Flavours said...

Wow something new to me. Looks yummy.

Sanghi said...

Hi Hema,

Love your blog. Great to see full of south indian dishes, especially T.nagar podi dosai,Wow! i'm homesick after seeing all. Continue ur work!
Also, just drop in to my site and gv ur suggestions.