Friday, September 26, 2008


My little demon was not well last week. So I took him to hospital for check up. We were waiting for Doctors consultation where others also with their kids. A gentle man who was wearing a big dialed watch standing beside us and watching something else. My boy started his routine. Showing the watch he said mamma this is watch…. He is man so this uncle is watchman uncle right mamma. I whispered no adhvith this is uncle. This is his watch don’t say like this. No mamma what I am saying is right; A man who wears a watch is watchman. That’s why I am saying this uncle is watch man uncle. The gentleman heard and laughed at him. The nurse saved me by calling us inside.


rekhas kitchen said...

hey what your son says that is right yaar just think in his way of thing give my love to him

Adlak's tiny world said...

S u r right. That naughty will keep on telling something or other like that. i posted only two so that it should nt mke others boring in a food blog.
Tnks for yr love twrds him dear,