Sunday, October 26, 2008


My Diwali greetings to u all.
In this festive occasion I would like to share something to u which I have received from my cousin brother from Vizag thro e mail. It really touched my heart and made me to think a lot about it.
So I thought of sharing this with all my good and kind hearted blog friends.

It was a sports stadium.

8 Children were standing on the track to participate in the running event.

* Ready! * Steady! * Bang!!!

With the sound of a toy pistol, all the eight participating girls started running.

Hardly had they covered 10 to 15 steps, when one of the youngest girls slipped and fell down,Due to bruises and pain she was crying.

When the other 7 girls heard her, they stopped running, stood for a while and looked back; they all ran back to the fallen girl.

One amongst them bent, picked and kissed the girl gently and enquired,'Now your pain must have reduced, is it ok?'

All the 7 girls lifted this girl, pacified her; 2 of them held the girl firmly, and then all 7 joined hands and walked together and reached the winning post.

Officials were shocked, even as clapping of thousands of spectators filled the stadium.

Many eyes were filled with tears and perhaps it had even reached GOD!

YES, this happened in Hyderabad [ INDIA ], recently!

The sport was conducted by National Institute of Mental Health.

All these special girls had come to participate in this event and they are Spastic children.

Yes, they were mentally retarded and Challenged.

What did they teach this world?

Teamwork?Humanity?Equality among all?????

Successful people help others who are slow in learning so that they are not left far behind.

We can't do this ever, because we have brain!!!!!!!!!
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Cham said...

Beautiful thought on a great day! Happy Diwali to you and Your family!

Curry Leaf said...

Happy Diwali

Yasmeen said...

A very thoughtful incident.
Have a Wonderful Diwali:).

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Wish u a happy Diwali!!!

Mahimaa's kitchen said...

Happy Diwali to you too dear!

anudivya said...

Lovely post Adlak... Wish you a very happy Deepavali. To your family too.

Yasmeen said...

Adlak,I've a surprise for you at my blog,please check out this post:)

Sireesha said...


raaji said...

thats really a wonderful incident.....its not that we cant think like them but sth that stops us from doing that..our Ego(why should i???),our goals(i have to be the winner)......

wishing you too a happy diwali

Adlak's tiny world said...

S your hundred percent right Raji, the fire of attaining the goal burns the humanity of helping others on the stage.

thnks to every one for yr wishes and response to this post.

Indranee said...

Wish you and your dear ones a very Happy and safe Deepavali! I have a little surprise for you in my blog...enjoy!

Viki Xavier. said...

Thanks for dropping by.wonderful thoughts shared. Thanks my friend. Yes, we should learn humanity from this incidence.
Happy Deepavali.

Kitchen Flavours said...

Heart touching incident. In day to day life we come across so many simple things by which we can learn so much. How many of us concentrate on those hmmm.

LG said...

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful thought you had a fantastic Deepavali