Saturday, October 18, 2008



Raw Rice - 2 tsp
Grated Frseh coconut- 3 tsp
Milk - 4 cups
Sugar - 1 ½ cups
Cardamom, cashew raisins for garnishing.


Grind rice with coconut in to a coarse powder along with cardamom.
Add the ground powder in boiled milk till it becomes soft and cooked.
If the deal become too thicken add more boiled milk to make the deal dilute.
U can add condensed milk. It will give more taste to the payasam.
Garnish with fried cashews and raisins.

This is simple and tasty payasam we can make it in mts.

Since i have got Butterfly Award from Mahima of Indian Vegetarian Kitchen.

And Kitchen Flavours (Yummy Food) taged me to write 7 facts about me i jus thought to celebrate the both with this sweet payasam.


SweetBites said...

hi Adlak, thanks 4 visiting for my blog & 4 ur lovely comments.u hve a wonderful blog too & i luv browsing thru ur recipes coz i'm passionate bout authentic indian food. will definitely try ur yummy pal/rice payasam.

Adlak's tiny world said...

Tnks for visiting and yr appreciation sweet bites. u r always welcome here.

Sireesha said...

Rice Payasam looks yummy and delicious...

Aartee said...

i have never tried rice payasam by powdering it, rice payasam is my son's fav and will surely make it for him in this method! pic looks gr8!

Minakshi said...

hi congrats for yr Award and yr blog looks more interesting now.