Monday, October 6, 2008


My friend Jeayashri in Singapore insis me to post the varieties of chapatis as she is doin regularly for dinner. Especially for her ( and to increase my blog stuffs?!...) I started adding chapaties in my diet. Thanks to jeyashri.


wheat flour 2 cups

salt to taste

oil to grease

finely grated beet root and carrot 1/2 cup each

coriander seed powder

cumin powder


Mix all the ingredients and make a dough. Keep for 2 hrs.

Make chapatis in your own style.

My kids like this very much and my daughter named this Red ornagee Roti since it reflects the carrot and beetroot color in it..( i could not catch the same color in the photo).


jeyashrisuresh said...

wow came out well. thank u

SweetBites said...

hi, nice blog & luv all ur recipes. ur colorful roti looks so healthy & delicious. certainly good 4 vegetarians.

Adlak's tiny world said...

thanks jeyashri and sweetbites for visiing my blog and lovely cmmnts.

anudivya said...

First time here, nice recipes!
Great job.

sriharivatsan said...

Since i have a 1-year-old kid, i pressure cook potato, carrot, raddish and mash them and add to the dough. Also add all necessary powders (Jeera, Coriander). It will soften the roti as well as add taste too.

Adlak's tiny world said...

thats a good idea vidya. nice tips.