Friday, November 7, 2008


This is a surprisingly quick and easy dish to make. Its sure to tickle your taste buds and also healthy as it contains rich combo of vegetables. Its our family's favourite and accompanies well with ADAI (DAL DOSA), all variety rices like pulliodharai, coconut rice etc... Assemble all the ingredients before u start cooking. U can make this with any 3 to 5 combo of vegetables in the same method. My elder sil make sometimes only with Ash gourd naming it as Poosanikai avial. That also sounds good.

Ash gourd : 10 cubes
Suran / Senaikizhangu : 5 to 6
colocasia/Arvi/Seppangilangu 5 to 6
Carrot 2
Beans 10 to 15
Raw banana 1
Drumstick 2
Potato 2
Ladies finger 2 or 3
Beaten thick curd/yogurt 2 cups

To Grind
Grated fresh coconut 1 ½ cups
Green chilli 10
Cumin seeds 2 tsp

For Tampering
Coconut oil 4 tsp
Mustard seeds 1 tsp
Curry leaves 10
Hing a pinch.

Wash all vegetables and cut into equal cubes except ladies finger.
In a little oil fry the ladies finger till it done and add before mixing the ground paste and yogurt to the deal.
So that it will not be sticky.
Cook with half salt till it gets soften.
Grind coconut, chilli and cumin seeds coarsely.
Add in to cooked vegetables along with little more salt and turmeric.
When raw smells goes, add the beaten curd/yogurt to the veg mixture.
Stir gently. Vegetables should not get mashed.
Tamper the tampering items and pour to avial.
Tampering in Coconut oil will give nice aroma and extra taste to the avial..

If u want to use the avial for next day or after lunch to dinner. Divide it in two parts before adding the beaten curd/yogurt. At the time of serving u can add the curd and reheat for few mts. Careful it should not get curdled. Now u can feel as if it is freshly prepared one. Adding 10 white chenna with the vegetables will also make this more yummy....
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Happy cook said...

Oh now i am homesick. We used to have this a lot of time and not to mention on onam day.
Looks yummm

Gita's Kitchen said...

The avial looks delicious, I love it with bisibela bath :)

Curry Leaf said...

Lovely and healthy.I too make avial a bit differently though.I know your turned out delish.

Yasmeen said...

Tasty avail,with coconut must be very rich:)

Mahimaa's kitchen said...

Thanks for the award dear.. Avial looks so good!

anudivya said...

Love Avial with Adai... my fav!

Cham said...

Wow, looks delicious ur avial :)

sriramjaganathan said...

Hi its yummy avial. I like avial very much. Could you please post some 10min. receipe for quick breakfast or lunch. Its very helpful for me. I really interested to saw your receipe everday. Its really wonderful. You are working so much in cooking receipe. Why won't you publish a book. We can buy the book either in English or Tamil.

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

This is so cool. Nice recipe look so YUM! So colorful. Love to have it with adai.

Adlak's tiny world said...

Thanks a lot for yr genial words HC,GK,CL,MK,Yasmeen,Anu.Cham and Sukanya.

Sriram this s too much... If i publish book u only have to buy. Its too costly to publish a book for a single reader right??!!....

sure i ll post quick lunch recepi especially for u. thanks for yr nice words.

rekhas kitchen said...

avial looks so delicious dearnice entry

jeyashrisuresh said...

I too make in the same way,but i dont temper anything.just put raw coconut oil and curry leaves.Thanks for reminding me.will do that next week.

jeyashrisuresh said...

hema u canadd boiled peanuts to it.It will taste great

Yoli said...

Looks utterly delicious. I wish I knew how to cook. I have been going from cooking blog to cooking blog.

Jaishree said...

The avial is my favorite..looks healthy & delicious.

Kitchen Flavours said...

A small suprise waiting for you dear.Click on the link to follow Award Time

Bhawana said...

avial looks delicios :), n congrates for ur awards.

Adlak's tiny world said...

Thank u Rekha,jeyashri,Jeishri and Bhavna.

Thnaks for yr tips jeyashri, everytime u r giving a nice tips so i ll give u the title of Tips Queen ha ha ha.

Thanks for yr visit and views Yoli. u r always welcome here.

KF i m plummeting in yr love towards me dear. Thanks for sharing the award.

sriramjaganathan said...

Hi Today i did avail based on your receipe it is very delicious. I think your entire family is lucky because of your health cooking. Keep it up. I did some little change, all in my family say its very taste. I said its by adlak blog receipe. Thank you for your nice receipe. Keep updating your new and fast receipe.

n33ma said...

Delicious.....I have never made this ever before.

Adlak's tiny world said...

thanks n33ma and sriram happy to note that it came out wel for u.