Saturday, August 9, 2008



Finely chopped onion, carrot, beet root 1 cup
curry leaves
salt to taste
gram flour 3 tsp
rice flour 2 tsp
Adai dough(mixed dal dosa dough) 3 cups
Oil to fry


Add all the said chopped vegetables in to dough.
Add gram flour and rice flour in to that to make the it thick.
Add salt and curry leaves.
In a pan pour cooking oil and put the dough into small balls deep fry until it turns brown.

We can prepare this in the remaining adai dough. So that we can not waste or taking next day the same stuff again. Its suits for evening snacks for all age.

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my husband said...

aha ha ha ha super receipe for my family, we have enjoyed with this kunukku with my second brother and his wife, they loved it one big oooooooooo for you

sweet love