Saturday, August 9, 2008



cooked rice - 1 cup
boiled vegetables (carrots,peas,beans,potatoes) 1 cup
Onions - 1
green chilli - 2 0r 3
garam masala - 1 tsp
for seasoning - cinnamon,clove, oil
coriander for garnishing


Heat oil in a pan and add cinnamon and clove.

Add onions and green chilli saute till it is translucent.
Add vegetables. Stir it for few mts until it get cooked and add garam masala.

Fry it for 2 to 3 minutes and add the cooked rice.

Garnish with coriander leaves.

Serve hot with sauce or any raitha.

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Soma said...

Hi this is my first time here! Very nice place. & Wish u a very happy new year too!