Monday, August 18, 2008



rava - 1 cup,
water - 3 cups,
maida - 1 1/2 cup,
jaggery(grated) - 2 cups,
cardamom - 6,
ghee - 3 tablespoon,
oil for frying


Roast rava in ghee. See that it does not become red.

Boil water in a vessel. When the water is boiled add rava and
cook well until the rava is cooked fully.

When it is almost done, add the grated jaggery and powdered cardamom
and stir well until it becomes non-sticky.

Make small size balls and keep aside.

Outer Cover:

Add 3 teaspoons of oil to maida and make a very soft dough.
Leave it covered with a piece of wet cloth for 1/2 an

Make small size balls.

Take a sheet of plastic paper and grease it with oil.

Take a ball of the outer dough and flatten it by hand to make a round flat shape.

Grease the hand with oil while flattening it.

Place a ball of the stuffing on this and close with the outer dough and
flatten it again.

Deep fry in oil turning over occasionally till it becomes golden brown.

When removing from oil, place it between two flat plates and squeeze out
the excess oil.

Suji appam is now ready to serve.

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